Brand name – Doval
Composition – Acephate75%SP

Doval exhibits a residual systemic activity. It controls pests through contact and stomach action. It mainly acts on the nervous systems of the target pests.

The active ingredient in Doval is acephate, a water-soluble insecticide readily absorbed by plant roots and foliage to give systemic control of feeding insects. It Control of bollworms and jassids of Cotton, aphids on safflower and stem borer, leaf folder, plant hopper and green leaf hopper on rice.


  • • Being broad spectrum it affords control over all carterpillar pests.
  • • It has a quick knockdown action.
  • • It exhibits ovicidal action.
  • • It remains effective for longer duration and therefore gives protection for a longer time.
  • • Highly economical.

Precautions and Antidotes:

Accidental ingestion should be avoided at all costs. Wear protective clothing while spraying. Wash hands and body after spraying. Do not eat or drink or smoke while spraying.

If accidental poisoning occurs call physician immediately. Induce vomiting to clear stomach and prevent aspiration. Perform gastric lavage if symptoms reappear. Treat patient symptomatically.

Recommendation – Paddy, Sugarcane, sunflower and vegetables etc
Doses – 300-400 gm. Per Acre.
Net Volume/Content –
Maximum retail price – /-